Jay’s Simple Guide to Mobile Phone Solutions For Families

This my no frills guide for families to use when facing the Mobile Phone question.
Here’s what I am doing for my family.
We need 3 phones one for me, my wife and our 12 yo daughter.
After doing A LOT of research I decided to go with AT&T and by purchasing the ZTE Zmax 2for $99 at BestBuy
I spent many pours on PhoneArena.com comparing phones and the ZTE Zmax2 was the most reasonably priced pre-paid phone. You can get a slightly better phone for $150 to $200 or an awesome phone for $275+
Step 1:
Buy an AT&T Go Phone from: At a retail store or online from AT&T or BestBuy – the packaged go phone come with a sim cardso there is no need to buy a sim card or a top-up card.
Step 2:
Activate the phone.
Step 2.1 (Optional)
Transfer your existing number – this takes about 30 minutes.
Make sure that:
     you have your account info from the provider your are leaving
     your old phone is on and working – they will call the old phone to verify the number transfer
Step 3:
Select the $45 per month plan and then set-up auto pay to get the $5 discount
Step 4:
Be happy knowing that you will be saving between $45+ per month
AT&T vs Cricket
Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T and uses the same cell towers.
Cricket costs less than AT&T but the catch is that Cricket has a speed limit of 8Mbps for data; AT&T data speeds can get up to 54Mbps
Cricket offers a group discount: for example 4 lines with Unlimited Talk/Text and 2.5 GB Data would be $100 permonth
The only reason that I went with AT&T over cricket is the Data speed.

Jay’s mini guide to selecting a phone:
  1. Buy an Android Phone – they are less expensive and for the most part they can do everything an iPhone can do
  2. Go to the AT&T to see the available phone and then look them up on PhoneArena.com
  3. What to look for
    1. Display: at least 4.5 inches
    2. Resolution: minimum 720×1280 pixels
    3. Pixel Density: 260 or more
    4. Camera: minimum 8 mega pixels
    5. Processor: minimum 1200 Mhz
    6. System Memory: 2048 MB RAM or more (1524 is ok and 1024 is fine for a kids phone)
    7. Built-in storage: 16 GB or more
    8. Storage Expansion: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC 32 GB and up