Terms & Conditions

The Not So Fun Part

Note: Agency is DJ Jay and _Client_ is you. These are the rules we agree to operate under once you book us to perform at your event.

  • This contract may be cancelled by either party, giving the other not less than 14 days prior notice.
  • If the Client cancels the contract in less than 7 days’ notice, the Client is required to pay full contractual fee, unless a mutual written agreement has been made by the Agency and Client.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, unless cancellation notice is issued by the Agency or by prior written agreement.
  • The Agency loves to play outdoors, but acts of God (“force majeure”), including normal weather events, are events that are outside of both parties’ control and may cause the cancellation of an event, or make the safe performance of an event by the Agency impossible or impractical. The Agency may postpone setup and performance until it is safe to do so, which includes no lightning for 45 minutes and no water in the performance area. The Agency reserves the right to not set up or perform outdoors if the chance of rain is 40% or higher at the scheduled setup time. Any lightning in the area will immediately suspend or prevent performance by the Agency if outdoors, even under temporary shelters or pavilions with open sides. The Agency will make every effort to accommodate rescheduling of an event that is postponed due to acts of God, but if an event is cancelled and not rescheduled or rescheduled to a date that the Agency is unavailable, deposits are not refundable.
  • This contract is not transferable to any other party without permission of the Agency.
  • Provided the Client pays the Agency its full contractual fee, Client may without giving any reason, prohibit the whole or any part of the Agency performance.
  • Payment of any owed balance is due in full prior to the start of the event.
  • While all safeguards are assured, the Agency shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage out of the Agency’s control during any performance whilst on the Client’s or Venue’s premises.
  • The Client is under obligation to reprimand or if necessary remove any persons being destructive or abusive to the Agency or its equipment.
  • It is the Client’s obligation to ensure that the venue is available to the Agency 1 hours prior to the event start time (when guests start to arrive) and 1 hour from event completion.
  • Client is responsible for compliance with any ordinances that must be observed and obeyed during the performance of the event, and is responsible for all permits, waivers, or variances that may be required for the performance of the event. Having an event shut down due to a noise ordinance is a bummer.
  • The venue must have adequate parking facilities and accessibility for the Agency and its equipment, including one vehicle and trailer. Client must inform the Agency if stairs are required to load equipment into and out of the venue, and Client must provide sober lifting help prior to and after the event if more than 3 stairs are present.
  • The venue must provide two working, properly grounded 120VAC-15A power circuits on separate circuit breakers dedicated to Agency’s equipment within 15 feet of Agency’s designated performance area.
  • In case of an emergency that prevents the Agency from performing on the day/night of the event the Agency will provide a 90% refund.
  • Failing to acknowledge and confirm this contract 14 days prior to the performance date does not constitute a cancellation, however it may render the confirmation unsafe. If the Client does not acknowledge and confirm the contract at least 14 days prior to the performance date, the Agency is under no obligation to confirm this booking.
  • From time to time the Agency or its representatives may take photographs and video of the performance for marketing purposes. These photographs may include individuals attending the event. If you do not wish for photographs to be taken or used publicly such as on the Agency’s websites or other advertising media, notify the Agency in writing in addenda to this contract.
  • The Agency will play for the entirety of the time booked for the event. This means the Agency will be onsite at the venue at least 1 hour prior and 1 hour after the event.
  • Last Updated: August 14, 2018